About me

About me

Esther JubbegaIndependent product developer
I see developing textile products as a craft, I strive for perfection. A design is more than a trend in an appealing colour; quality and fit are paramount.

Anyone who gets to know me will experience that I am an image thinker and an emotional person. Don't expect me to be able to reproduce a conversation literally, what I can do is display the feeling of that conversation in an image. That is exactly what I do in my work; whatever my client wants to achieve, I will make it happen.

With 20 years of experience as a product supervisor and product developer at various international companies, I chose to branch out on my own in 2015. My extensive knowledge about the development of commercial textile products for the European market and associated networks, makes me an experienced partner in the development process of textile items.

In 1996 I graduated with a lingerie and bath wear collection and since then the love for these products has remained. My biggest passion is for underwear, specifically men's underwear, so I have grown with the development of this product group in the market. The shape and wearing comfort are particularly important in the underwear industry, and that is always my focus..

Target audience
SMEs, leading international brands and everything in between are my clients. You can say I feel at ease in many markets, something I'm especially proud of. I love working for the commercial market because the success here is very measurable, but I also like to work for Dutch labels that make small-scale, high-quality products from a sustainable perspective. Whether I speak to a dyed-in-the-wool brand builder or a starter in the textile industry, I speak the same language.

My focus is on sustainability, fast fashion makes me less happy. I prefer to create products that are long-lasting. Quality, craft and fit are paramount in this regard, in which details such as washing instructions on the label are not forgotten, sustainability also means taking good care of carefully developed garments.

In the textile world, I know the ropes very well, both in Europe and Asia.

In the development process I see myself as part of the bigger picture. I join the dots. For me, this means that the production planner as well as the machine craftsman are important links in the chain as well as myself.

‘Travelling with Esther means working hard and having a lot of fun. Together we have been to the Far East several times to develop new products to source and guide production.’ Monique Zeegers - CEO Pastunette

The studios I work with are scattered all over the world, what they have in common is that they ensure good working conditions. It goes without saying that production close to home is easier to control and by definition more sustainable in terms of transport.

I develop and optimize your idea from the design phase through to the finished product. During this process - which often takes four to six months - I take responsibility for the entire process. For me, cooperation and building a sustainable relationship is essential.

My work is done when the product sample on your desk 100% meets your wishes.

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