Product development

Product development

Connecting links
In the process from design to a wearable garment, there are many different choices to make, it is important to oversee this process from start to finish. Compare it to the construction of a house, for that you would call in a contractor. Without this link, it is almost impossible to coordinate everything as a whole.

When it comes to product development in the textile industry, I am the one who connects all these links.

Regardless of the number of choices that have to be made in product development, every step will have to be managed in the right direction. Because of my years of work experience in the international textile world, I can foresee where problems will arise and can adjust them in time.

‘Since our launch, Esther has made an important contribution to the shape and development of all Bamigo products.’ Bart Hoorntje - CEO Bamigo

Technical knowledge
To ensure that quality is guaranteed in the long term, I develop a work description containing all the characteristics of the design. That's my day job.

Build a working document that defines the technical design, the raw materials that have been chosen and the material characteristics, the measurement scheme, and all the details that are needed to be able to instruct each supplier worldwide what the exact intention is.

Quality should be continuous, an underlying document that includes all variables is crucial and indispensable for long-term success. It is not possible to realize a quality product without this technical basis.

Product development
Product development means that I guide the way from design to producable garment from the very first step, and I not only advise clients in the selection of the right raw materials, but also on more complex issues such as the possibilities to make an existing product more sustainable.

‘It's very enjoyable working with Esther; a versatile lady in the field of textiles, who shares her knowledge with a lot of energy and passion.’ Frans Maas – Projectleider Summa procestechnologie

I develop or optimize your demands from design to finished product.

When you hire me for the product development of your textile item, you discover my passion for this profession. You experience that creativity trumps business for me, that I believe sustainability is important, and that with my enthusiasm I like to go the extra mile to achieve perfection.

Expect clarity and good agreements, cooperation and building a strong relationship. All of these aspects are very important to me.

My work is done if the product sample on your desk 100% meets your wishes.

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