Form, fit, shape

Form, fit, shape

What is the fit?
If the shape is correct and the size scheme is consistent, it radiates quality.

This is the basis for the success and fit of a textile product.

What counts as a good fit is not universal. Region, target group and activities carried out in a garment are leading variables. With a well-fitting textile item, everything for which it is intended has been precisely thought through. Both a wool winter coat and 3D stretch material yoga leggings should be comfortable, but of course the characteristics of a good fit are different in these examples.

Quality and shape
In a world where fast fashion reigns supreme, problems with the form are common. That is because there is simply no time for a good elaboration of a pattern. This makes fast fashion disposable fashion, and that is certainly not sustainable.

Quality and shape in the right combination lead to an ultimate product; an item that wearers want to take good care of and for which they return to a brand time and time again.

In the first phase of a design process, knowledge of the target group is very important. By analysing these, knowledge and the collected information, measurement diagrams and block shapes can be built up. This basic setup is the framework for the final pattern. Nowadays, this work has been taken over by 3D programs with visualization of the form via an avatar.

Fit optimization
In the follow-up process, any necessary adjustments to the product can be made on a real-life model. Assessment on a fitting model with the right sizes will provide insight into what adjustments may be needed, the fit optimization.

This is usually the last step before the garments are produced in the workshop

‘Esther combines a thorough insight with a practical approach to make the perfect fit. Plus, she's just nice to work with.’ Peter van Akkeren - CEO Saint Basics

To further educate myself in the shape, form and fit, I studied the Masters 'Fit optimization' on the Meester Opleiding Coupeur. In terms of understanding the fit, this really allowed me to deep dive into the subject.

With this knowledge and understanding, I am better able to quickly analyse the right fit and make the necessary adjustments to the final process..

I optimize the fit of your product, or I build the size schemes of your design. For both of these areas building and maintaining a strong cooperation is key. My work is done if the product sample on your desk 100% meets your wishes..

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